6 Best Fender Flares for the Jeep JK for 2023

best fender flares for jeep jk

The unfortunate truth is that not all factory Jeeps come with fender flares installed. Therefore, some owners tend to underestimate the significance of this accessory since it’s not always thought of as being standard. The reason why these are installed in the first place is to stop debris from being flung into the air when your wheels are moving, which is incredibly important when you’re driving in wild terrains.

Sometimes, when your Jeep is speeding fast, debris like stone or rubble will fly up from the wheels, and this can potentially injure people walking on the side of the road or even damage the other vehicles that are driving along near you. As a result, many responsible Jeep drivers across the globe prefer investing in fender flares.

The fender flares we’ve selected for your review are some of the best options available in the market today and will help you safely prevent injury and damage while also looking your best. Whether you prefer a sleek profile or an aggressive and bulky one, these accessories blend beautifully with all owners’ preferred aesthetics. However, if you are in the market for purchasing some fender flares, you can expect to feel confused as there are so many options available online.

To make things easier for you, we have spent several hours reviewing and comparing various products with each other. After careful review and analysis, we have created a list of the 6 best fender flares for the Jeep JK. Read on to find the complete review of each product.

If you don’t have the time to read the article to the very end, we simply suggest that you opt for our editor’s choice: the oEdRo Flat Front & Rear Fender Flares, compatible with the 2007-2018 models of the Jeep Wrangler JK & JKU Unlimited. They are durable and protect the wheel wells from mud, scratches, sand, and outer damage.

#1. Tyger Auto TG-FF7J66818

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The first product on our list is this set of Tyger Auto TG-FF7J66818 fender flares with a vehicle-specific design. They are custom fit for the 2007 to 2018 models of the Jeep Wrangler JK, for both the 2- and 4-door variations but not for the JL. Made of heavy-duty carbon steel, they have a powder-coated black textured finish that provides enhanced protection and resistance from rust.

This product comes with all hardware and tools required for installation. If you have some basic mechanical knowledge, you can easily do the installation yourself. These fender flares also have a patented “shark gill” design that makes your vehicle stand out from others.

These fender flares are the perfect accessory for your Jeep if you frequently like to take off-road trips. Drilling is required for the installation, so refer to the instructions in the package. TYGER products come backed by a no-hassle, 5-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight: 90 lbs.
  • ‎Textured exterior
  • Premium look from all angles
  • Made of heavy-duty carbon steel
  • 5-year warranty for any manufacturing defects

User/Customer Reviews

Most users have said that these fender flares have an unbeatable quality at their listed price and that they are happy with their purchase. Users have also mentioned that the hardware (more than just nuts and bolts) that comes with the product is perfect for installation. People have said that the product feels sturdy with a thick and durable powder coat as well.


The Tyger Auto TG-FF7J66818 set of fender flares (shop now) has an extremely unique look and adds a lot of value to a Jeep. While the installation is not very easy, it’s definitely not overly difficult either. We would consider it rather straightforward if you have some mechanical know-how. Overall, we feel that this product offers a good value for the money.

#2. oEdRo Flat Front & Rear Fender Flares

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The second product on our list is the oEdRo flat front and rear fender flares that are compatible with the 2007 to 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK and Wrangler Unlimited models, both 2-door and 4-door variations. This set comes with two front driver fender flares and two passenger-side fender flares.

There is no drilling required for the installation process as you can install the fender flares by simply using the factory holes. There is also no cutting required as well. The product comes with a set of mounting hardware that is perfectly sufficient for getting the job done. These fender flares are also made from heavy-duty, black powder-coated stainless steel for enhanced durability.

These oEdRo fender flares protect the wheel wells from scratches, mud, sand, and other types of outer damage. In the package, you will get two pieces of both front and rear fender flares packed in a specially designed, seven-layer carton. The product is backed by renowned customer service as well.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight: 29.7 lbs.
  • Textured exterior
  • No drilling or cutting
  • Heavy-duty steel composition
  • Bolt-on installation
  • All-weather fender flares
  • Larger tire off-road style

User/Customer Reviews

Those who have bought this product have said that they were a bit apprehensive about its performance because of the price point, but it turned out to be pleasingly good. Users have also said that they look and perform better than several other products available on the market. A few customers have been informed that it took them about an hour to do the installation at home.


The new oEdRo flat front and rear fender flares are a gorgeous and rugged upgrade from the previous similar products. They come packaged beautifully, and the installation is a breeze, too. These fender flares offer a perfect fitment and are incredibly sturdy. Overall, we feel that these fenders are well worth the money you pay for them.

#3. Hooke Road Fenders Steel Armor Style Fender Flares

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These fender flares from Hooke Road are designed to be a perfect fit for the Jeep Wrangler JK models from 2007 to 2018. Made from heavy-duty and durable stainless-steel material, these fender flares also come with a premium e-coating that provides corrosion protection for up to 5 years.

Besides anti-corrosion properties, these front and rear fender flares also increase the vehicle’s tire clearance for optimum suspension articulation. They protect your JK from mud, collisions, debris, and other trail hazards to give you an improved on- and off-road performance.

The Hooke Road package includes four pieces of fender flares, mounting screws, and other items you’ll need for installation. The bolt-on installation is simple, but it does require some drilling. You can do it yourself if you have mechanical knowledge.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight: 41.1 lbs.
  • ‎Textured exterior
  • E-coated for protection
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Increases ground clearance
  • High-cost performance production

User/Customer Reviews

Those who have bought these fender flares have said that this is a good-looking and sturdy product at a decent price. Most people love the look and the overall appearance of their vehicle after the installation. A few users have warned that if you are not mechanically inclined or don’t have the right tools, these are not the flares for you.


These Hooke Road fender flares are a sturdy and well-designed product to make your vehicle look better and also enhance its performance. Whether you like driving on-road or prefer off-road trailing, these fender flares are a good buy at a much more reasonable price compared to other similar products. Overall, this set is a great deal worth investing in.

#4. Hooke Road Wrangler JK Steel Fender Flares

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The next product on our list is the Wrangler JK-compatible steel front and rear fender flares again from Hooke Road. These are compatible with the Jeep Wrangler JK and Unlimited models from 2007 to 2018. Made with a 100% steel construction, these fender flares are sturdy and durable.

These fender flares come with a textured, black powder coating, ready for immediate use and enhanced durability. The special coating also protects the flares against corrosion. These fender flares additionally help protect the vehicle’s wheel wells from mud, scratches, sand, and other types of exterior damage.

Besides being flexible and shatter resistant, they are also perfectly contoured to the Jeep’s wheel wells. Installation of these fenders is easy with the included instructions, but drilling is required to get it done. Post-installation, the vehicle not only looks attractive but also gives users a terrific on- and off-road performance.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight: 35.6 lbs.
  • Textured exterior
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Quality construction
  • Good-looking after installation

User/Customer Reviews

People who have bought these fender flares have said that they were able to feel a marked difference in performance both on- and off-road. Users have also said that the installation is easy, but you’ll need to have mechanical knowledge as well as the required tools for the job.


The Hooke Road Wrangler JK steel fender flares (shop now) feature a slim design; and when installed, they give a decent off-road look to the vehicle. With an easy bolt-on installation, these fender flares are both tough and durable at the same time. Overall, we feel that this product offers the ultimate price to performance ratio.

#5. Hooke Road Tubular Tube Fender Flares Front & Rear Kit

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Yet another product from Hooke Road, we also have the tubular tube fender flares, which are a front and rear Kit that concentrates on performance. The manufacturer is committed to pushing the product boundaries to constantly strive for better design and innovation.

This front and rear fender kit by Hooke Road is compatible with the Jeep Wrangler JK models from 2007 to 2018. These are great-looking fender flares that come with a great style of design as well as with a level of tire clearance to give you optimal suspension articulation. These protect your JK from debris, mud, collisions, and other trail hazards.

Made from heavy-duty stainless-steel material, these fender flares also have a black powder coating that allows for either immediate use or easy painting before installation. The bolt-on installation is simple too, although drilling is required to install the rear fenders.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight: ‎33.8 lbs.
  • Textured black solid flares
  • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK models from 2007 to 2018

User/Customer Reviews

Most users have said that these fender flares sport a durable and sturdy construction at a good price. While some users have said that the installation is easy if you have some mechanical knowledge, others have warned that the instructions are not of much use for those who are not mechanically inclined. A few customers have warned that the coat finish on the exterior came off after just 6 months of use.


The Hooke Road tubular tube fender flares front and rear kit is a well-designed product that makes your vehicle look great and fits well with any owner’s Jeep JK. However, you must also remember that you get what you pay for, so you’ll have to accept that the kit has little flaws, such as less clarity in the instructions and such. Overall, we feel that this is still a good product to invest in purchasing.

#6. YITAMOTOR Flat Front & Rear Fender Flares

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Last but not least, we have YITAMOTOR flat front and rear fender flares that are compatible with the 2007 to 2018 models of the Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU unlimited, including both the models that are 2-door as well as the models that are 4-door. Each of these fender flares are specially designed for specific models though, so you must choose the correct year as well as the correct make and model of your vehicle when making your purchase.

Made from premium-quality, heavy-duty, and sturdy steel materials, these components make these fender flares superior in strength, durability, and their guarantee to be long-lasting. They are also combined with a textured black finish with a sleek matte coating to provide your vehicle with excellent rust protection. The manufacturer also provides the ability to select your own preferred paint color as well, allowing you to customize the flare to perfectly match the color scheme you already have on your current vehicle.

Besides working excellently as an off-road accompaniment, these fender flares also protect your Jeep’s paint job as well as the vehicle body itself from rocks, stick, mud, and any other flying debris. The manufacturers use advanced injection molding technology to ensure an even thickness along the fire wall. With accurate trimming, you’ll get a precise fit along with the vehicle’s wheels.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight: ‎29.6 lbs.
  • ‎Textured, powder-coated exterior
  • Steel fender flares kit
  • Slim design, off-road look
  • Rust prevention
  • Heavy-duty steel construction

User/Customer Reviews

Those who have bought this product have said that these fender flares do not look cheap, and there were no marks or dings on them. People have also said that the installation is pretty easy as long as you have the right tools. A few customers have warned that the installation is time-consuming and may take hours if you do not have mechanical know-how, so it’s better to get the installation done professionally.


The YITAMOTOR flat front and rear fender flares are a great way to add modifications to your Jeep and make it look stylish. They are so beautifully designed that they fit the contours of the vehicle’s framework perfectly. Overall, we feel that this product offers a good price to performance ratio.

Buying Guide: Best Fender Flares for the Jeep JK

Jeep JK Wrangler

While all of the fender flares reviewed above are good quality and highly recommended, you may still need to narrow down your search to fit the one that’s perfect for your exact needs. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when looking for the best fender flares for your Jeep JK.


Fender flares are often designed in a way to accommodate specific makes and models of vehicles. So, when you consider buying one, you must make sure that the one you are buying is perfectly compatible with your specific Jeep. Check the product details to verify this information before making your purchase.

Ease of Use

This is just as important as having the hardware included in the kit. Besides considering which mounting options are suitable for you according to where and how you drive, you also need to determine the easiest installation method. If you will be installing the fender flares yourself, you may not be as handy with the tools required for the task, so you will need to focus on finding one of the kits with adhesive mounting options instead.


Another important consideration is whether the mounting hardware is included in the package or not. If you do not want to waste your time sourcing the different materials separately, we suggest that you look for a kit that comes with the mounting materials included along with the main product. While fender flares can sometimes be easily mounted with 3M adhesive, you may need traditional hardware such as bolts and brackets in other cases.


This feature is completely dependent on your preferred aesthetic. While some people want their fender flares to look like they belong to their vehicle, others may like to opt for more OEM-style fender flares. There are others who may prefer to have a more custom approach to the matter and go for a far more unique style. If you’re the type to go all out with your vehicle’s appearance, you will need to select the styles that are designed to be painted or customized further than just what you receive in the mail. There are generally four core types of fender flares to be aware of: extended style, street style, pocket style, and OE style.


Fender flares are typically made from different types of materials as well, and the one you select may depend on the type of protection you need your driving environment. There are some models that are abrasion-resistant, and they can also provide protection for your car and tires. You may also find fender flares that are made from ABS plastic and UV-treated polyurethane as well.

Related Questions

Do fender flares cause rust

Do fender flares cause rust?

The fender flares protect the fenders from a wide range of elements. However, they do not prevent rusting. In some cases, they may make your fenders more prone to rust, so you must be careful with the option you choose to install on your vehicle. Be sure to choose an appropriate fix and perform regular checks and maintenance to prevent rusting and other damage on your Jeep.

Can you spray paint fender flares?

It is fairly easy to spray paint your fender flares; however, it does require some time and effort. First, you will need to consider all of your available options before making your final purchase to use as a base, then you’ll need to prime and prepare the flares before spraying them with a special type of automotive paint. The most important factor when painting automotive parts is ensuring you follow the correct process and allow for adequate drying time of each sprayed layer and any final protective coats.

Can you powder coat plastic fender flares?

Yes, you can powder coat fender flares made from plastic. However, not all types of powder coats are safe to use on plastic due to the high temperatures required during the curing process. If you’re wanting to powder coat a plastic fender flare, you’ll need to find a suitable powder coat that uses UV curing to accomplish the task with minimal temperatures for a short duration. You will also need to ensure that the plastic flares you’re using are made from a type of plastic that can withstand all aspects of the UV curing process. Exceeding the proper temperatures for the plastic in question will result in melting and deformations.

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