Best Winch for Jeeps: Jeep Winch Reviews & Guide

Best winch for jeeps

If you own or plan on owning a Jeep this year, you’re probably going to want a good winch to go with it. Winches are a very hot commodity for Jeep owners, and there are tons to choose from. Having so many different options can leave a lot of customers feeling confused and overwhelmed.

To save you time and the headache, we did all the work for you and took the time to create a list of the best 6 winches on the market for Jeeps. These winches have great reviews and are made by reputable companies.

Jeep Winch Buying Guide

Are you thinking about purchasing a winch? Before you do, there are a few important questions you need to ask yourself.

What size winch do you need? (Should you get a small winch or standard winch size?)
What size motor should you use?
How reputable is the manufacturer?
Is the price reasonable?
Is it durable?

These questions are important in order to make sure you’re getting a good winch that will not only last a long time, but also last in rugged terrain and under a lot of pressure. If your goal is to purchase a winch that can pull you out of any less-than-ideal situation then you need to do your homework before purchasing one.

Winch Size

When you’re considering a winch size, you need to look at the actual size of the winch, as well as its pull capacity.

When determining the size of your winch, you have to first consider where you want to mount the machine. Decide where it will best fit and the most securely, and that will give you an idea of the perfect dimensions for the size winch you will want to buy. You should also get familiar with the sizes available, from a mini winch to a full-size one.

Next, consider the amount of pull capacity you’ll need. The rule of thumb is to purchase a line that can pull at least double the weight of your vehicle. So if you own a 5,000 pound Jeep, you should buy at least 10,000 pounds of pull capability. The idea of a smaller winch can be attractive, but it’s a good idea to consider going even higher and more heavy duty, if possible, to make sure you’re covered.

Motor Size

The motor size of your winch is going to determine how much weight your machine will be able to pull and how fast it can do so. A winch with a 5hP motor is going to pull your load a lot slower than one with a 6.5hP motor.

Manufacturer’s Reputation

Looking into business reviews and ratings should never be the ultimate deal breaker when purchasing a winch, but this should definitely be looked into and taken into consideration. Check to see how many reviews include criticisms of shipping times or damaged packaging in comparison to reviews that complain about the product itself.

winch installed on jeep front

You should also consider taking a look at the company’s history. How long have they been in production, how many recalls have they had, and how many serious complaints have been reported? Checking into this can save you the hassle of having to find out at the most inopportune times. (Finding out the winch drains your jeep battery extremely fast only after your half-free from a pond is not going to be pleasant!) Further, an ineffective winch can cause accidents.

Is the Price Reasonable?

You’re going to pay a couple hundred bucks if you want a well-built, sturdy winch. However, you don’t have to pay a crazily high number if you just want a usable product. Never overpay for a winch that doesn’t offer anything more than the more budget-friendly options do.

Find a few winches that you are interested in buying and write a compare-and-contrast list. You will find that some companies try to change the wording in their ads, yet offer the same features. They may be trying to spiff up the product in order to increase the price.

Is the Winch Durable?

Although these machines are pretty small in size, they are given a large job. You need a winch that is built to be strong and durable, and which will last through rough and rugged terrain, mud, sand, water, etc.

Off-roading in your vehicle can come with a lot of bumps and dips, fast trunks and quick breaking. Both the inside and outside of the winch along with the cord needs to be able to handle everything thrown in its way, and still be able to perform to its maximum potential when needed.

Top 6 Winches in 2021

The best part of owning a Jeep is the off-roading adventures they were designed to tackle. There is nothing like the excitement of playing in the mud, even as an adult. However, getting stuck…that part is not so much fun. Thankfully, we have a list of 6 winches that were designed to help you out quickly and get you back in the field.

1. WARN 103252 VR EVO 10 Electric 12V DC Winch

Warn is one of the best brands out there, in our opinion. They are durable, sturdy, and affordable. This electric 12-volt winch has a pulling capacity of 10,000lbs, perfect for a ½ ton Jeep.

warn 103252 vr evo 10 electric 12v dc winch

The standard duty winch comes with either a steel or synthetic cable line and has a fast line speed combined with a lower amp draw, getting you unstuck on the road in no time. To make it even better, they offer a two-in-one remote that you can use either wirelessly or plugged in, giving you options that fit all types of situations.

Not only is this a great winch built for hard jobs, but it is also sleek and designed to look great while attached to your vehicle. This winch is weather-proofed, and the control packs can be moved, making it low profile.

Price: $560.00
Warranty: Limited lifetime guarantee on mechanical parts and 7 years on electrical parts.
Rating: 4.8 stars on Amazon
Pull Capacity: 10,000lbs (also comes with options for 8,000 and 12,000)

2. 12v 13000 lbs Vevor Electric winch

This Vevor electric winch was designed to be strong and durable to withstand any type of outdoor activity. Whether you are taking your Jeep off-roading or pulling another Jeep out of the mud, this is the winch for you.

vevor 12-v electric winch with attachments, isolated on white background

This sturdy design is constructed from stainless steel and dusted with a black coating, making it rugged and great to look at. It’s spooled with 85 feet of strong steel cables that are pulled lightning-fast through a 12v 4.8kw motor, connecting up to a 3-stage planetary gear train system.

You’ll never have to worry about the danger of being too close to the machine while it’s in action due to the wireless remote control system included with the winch. This product is a great option for any Jeep owner.

Price: $371.99
Warranty: Limited manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty differs based on location purchased.
Rating: 4.4 stars on
Pull capacity: 13,000 (with 8,000, 12000, 15,500, 17,000 and 17,500 options)

3. Smittybilt 9000lb capacity

The Smittybilt brand has been a trusted company for over 50 years and is known for their durable, high-quality products that last. Their products are designed and engineered by professional and experienced off-road enthusiasts, and this guides them to find what’s important in a good product.

smittybilt gen 2 xrc winch

This Smittybilt electric winch is the perfect size for a smaller or mid-sized Jeep. It has the capability of pulling up to 9500lbs, which is plenty of power to get you out of any sticky situation. It comes with 6.6hp and a fast-fueling force. The cable is 93.5 feet of durable, long-lasting wired rope.

These winches come completely water proofed, giving you a peace of mind while dipping and racing through large puddles and ditches in a vehicle.

Price: $326.99
Warranty: Lifetime warranty for mechanical issues and a 5-year warranty for electrical
Rating: 4.7 stars on
Pull Capacity: 9500lbs (with 9000, 12,000, 12000 with synthetic rope, 15,500 and 17,500lbs options)

4. Off Road boar Powersports Winch

This Offroad Boar 12 volt electric winch was designed with the Jeep in mind. Spooled with 94 feet of steel or synthetic rope, you have enough line to pull your vehicle from just about any hard-to-get-to place.

off road boar 12v powersports winch isolated on white background

This winch is equipped with a waterproof, 5.5 horsepower, high-performance pure copper motor that has a lot of power and durability. Having a both wired and wireless remote allows you to operate the machine from anywhere you feel comfortable.

The attachment kit and mounts are very versatile, making it easy to set up, with capability for almost any vehicle, anywhere you want. Further, at just under 80 pounds the winch is very light weight, which makes it easy to handle and adjust.

Price: $289.99
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty
Rating: 4.6 stars on
Pull capacity: 13,000lbs

5. Stegodon 13000lbs electric winch

This all-black, Stegodon electric winch has an amazing 7 feet per minute pull power, thanks to the high performance 6.4 hP series motor. Not only can the winch pull quickly, but it can pull some of the heaviest loads out there, with its 80 feet of heavy duty synthetic rope and 13000 lb pull capacity.

stegodon 13000lbs electric winch isolated on white background

This one-of-a-kind electric winch was designed to fit almost any car, truck, boat, ATV, etc., and can tough it out through all types of harsh terrain.

The company’s unique and new design has this winch sitting at just under 60lbs and at around 10 ½ by 20 ½ inches, needing little room for mounting. Plus, it offers 2 wireless remotes that are highly sensitive, with a fast circuit speed giving you complete control of the pull.

Price: $324.99
Warranty: Lifetime technical support warranty and a 1 year warranty
Rating: 4.6 stars on
Pull capacity: 13,000lbs (also 9,000lb options)

6. Rug cell 12000lb waterproof and remote

This Rug Cell heavy duty waterproof 12,000 pound winch comes with 83 feet of nylon synthetic rope. With its 6.6 hP pull and free-spooling clutch, controlling this winch is a breeze. These winches are solid, safe and reliable in almost any type of situation you find yourself in.

rugcel 12000lb waterproof and remote electric winch

The Rug Cell comes with a waterproof and sand proof, state-of-the-art solenoid that keeps it from wearing out or getting ruined from the natural elements. There are multiple mounting options located on the control pack to give customers the option of where to place the machine.

Its full load speed is about 5 feet per minute, pulling a stuck vehicle out of a mud pit in no time at all. The winch comes with 2 wireless, handheld remotes, giving the operator control from any location near the truck.

Price: $325.00
Warranty: 3 year warranty
Rating: 4.3 stars on
Pull capacity: 12,000 pounds

All 6 of the above products are highly recommended and rated winches that will work great for any situation you may find yourself in with your Jeep. You will never have to worry about getting stuck and having no way out because you’ll have a reliable machine, dedicated and durable, and ready to help you out every time. All of these winches come with warranties and companies that stand by their products and offer help to their customers with open lines of communication.

These winches are budget-friendly and come with many options and varieties of remotes, wires, pull capacities, motors, designs, etc., giving an option that will please everyone and every vehicle.

At a Glance

TypePull CapacityWarrantyRatingPrice
WARN 103252 VR EVO 1010,000 lbsLimited lifetime on mechanical parts and 7 years on electrical parts.4.8 out of 5$560
VEVOR Truck Winch13,000 lbsLimited manufacturer’s warranty4.4 out of 5$371.99
Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC Winch9,500 lbsLifetime warranty for mechanical, 5 year warranty electrical4.7 out of 5$326.99
Off Road boar Powersports Winch13,000 lbs1 year manufacturer warranty4.6 out of 5$329.99
Stegodon electric winch13,000lbsLifetime technical support warranty and a 1 year warranty4.6 out of 5$324.00
Rugcel electric winch12,000 lbs3 year warranty4.3 out of 5$325.99

Winch Accessories You Should Also Own

Winching is not always an easy task. A lot goes into winching, and a lot can go wrong. Making sure you have an emergency recovery kit in place can help aid the winch as well as the person pulling.

Snatch block: The snatch block will be very helpful when stuck in hard-to-get-to locations. A winch line is most effective and durable when pulling straight through. If you need to angle your pull, a snatch block will aid in this movement. This little pulley system hooks up to your winch line and will allow the recovery rope to be pulled from any angle you need with as much strength as the winch line itself.

Tree trunk protector: When you find yourself in a situation and you have to get yourself unstuck, you will most likely be relying on a solid, sturdy tree to pull you. To keep yourself and the tree safe from harm, the tree trunk protectors wrap around the tree, putting a protective layer between it and the winch line.

D shackles: D shackles are designed to safely attach to the front of your Jeep as an anchoring point for the winch. These shackles are strong and durable and will keep your vehicle free of damage during the pull.

Recovery Strap: A recovery strap is helpful, in case of an emergency situation where the winch breaks or you need extra aid for the vehicle. The strap will hook up from one vehicle to another and help pull it free.

Choker Chain: A choker chain is used as an extension to your winch, protecting the line during a rough pull. Placing the choker chain at the end of the winch line before wrapping it around a rock or tree will help keep the line in place and keep the winch line from being damaged.

Pair of gloves: Using a winch without the proper gear can be very dangerous. It’s important to wear gloves every time you’re using the winch to keep your hand and fingers from getting wrapped in the line, cut by the wire or burned from the friction.

Cloth or line cover: Purchasing a line cover or keeping a blanket or towel in your vehicle is important for line safety. Placing something on top of the line will absorb a lot of the energy if your wire snaps.


In this article, we’ve provided you with a lot of information and advice on how to choose the perfect winch for your Jeep. It is up to you to decide what features are most important and which winch will fit all of your needs. Remember, off-roading is one of the best parts of being a Jeep owner, but without the right winch and proper gear, it can also be a hassle when you’re left stuck in the mud.

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