Fitting ATVs In A Jeep Gladiator

When it comes to hauling items, no matter how big or small, nothing works better than your standard pickup trucks. With their massive open-ended trucks, or properly known as beds, they are built to fit almost anything you can think of, be it large pieces of wood, some furniture, to even a few three extra passengers if you ever need some additional space (not recommended). 

However, as all things considered in storage space for these types of trucks, there is one question that needs asking when it comes to its utility of a specific pickup truck such as the Jeep Gladiator:

Can you fit an entire ATV in a Jeep Gladiator? Yes, an ATV will fit in the bed of a Jeep Gladiator. The Jeep Gladiator does have the dimensions to fit an ATV even if it’s considered a midsize pickup truck. There could be a few complications when you get into bigger size ATV’s, but they are minimal.

That being said, knowing the full-scale dimensions of both the Jeep Gladiator pick-up truck as well as your standard ATV should be well enough information to further deduce whether or not an ATV can fit in the bed of a Jeep Gladiator.

Can You Fit An ATV In A Jeep Gladiator?

The answer depends on the dimensions of the type of ATV you are planning to haul. Normally, the dimensions of beds for pickup trucks are generally within 5’8 to 6’5 long while others carry a whooping 8-feet of storage space. With that in mind, let’s take a look at both the dimensions of a Jeep Gladiator and then that of an ATV for a final result.

Jeep Gladiator’s Dimensions

The Jeep Gladiator is no mere beast, but it’s not afraid to show off its power either when it comes to its potential and ability as a pickup truck. Here are the overall dimensions of the Jeep Gladiator in which to consider:

Main Dimensional Proportions

With its most recent model being showcased, the dimensions of a Jeep Gladiator is roughly a bit larger than its other counterparts such as the Jeep Wrangler, which reaches a total of 167-188″ L x 74″ W x 74″ H in its dimensions and the Jeep Renegade which reaches about 167″ L x 74″ W x 67″ H. Compared to other brands; however, it is a bit smaller than its competitors such as Ford’s F-150 which is about 209-251” L x 80-86” W x 75-79” H in its dimensions.

Still, it can get the job done compared to those monsters of pick-up trucks despite its rather small size, and that is all due to the bed size it contains. 

Jeep Gladiator’s Bed Dimensions

As small as this pickup truck can be when compared to other behemoths such as the Ford F series of pickup trucks to even some of Dodge’s trucks, it still carries the essence of what a pickup truck is supposed to do. With a bed dimension of about 60.3 X 58.6 inches or so. That means that without the tailgate being open, there is enough to get your standard storage space needed, but only within that region of space. 

Anything beyond that and things could get complicated quickly. 

2020 Jeep Gladiator Utility Truck Bed
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Ironically, the Gladiator can’t get pressured too much into overstuffing with its storage space as it can break it down slightly due to the massive pressure and overhaul of items in the back. That being said, if you plan to use the Gladiator for hauling purposes, then it’s not as good as you would like it to be.

Of course, as mentioned, it is not as grand in size as its competitors, so for it to fit an ATV, the likelihood of opening the tailgate can occur in this case. With the tailgate fully opened, the length increased by a fourth or so of its initial length, with an additional 21 inches to boot. That gives you a total of 81.3 inches to fully utilize and with some open space thanks to the tailgate being down, more width as well.

What Are The Dimensions Of An ATV?

To further answer the question of if ATVs can fit inside the bed of a Jeep Gladiator, one needs to understand that there are actually a few different types of ATVs out there. With that said, that also means that each type of ATV will vary in size and its intended audience, as there are some out there meant for children as well. 

Nonetheless, their dimensions normally average within a standard seven feet or more, while the smaller ones range between four feet in length. There are some that can have massive measurements to about 90 inches total in length and about 50 inches in width. I definitely don’t recommend these types of ATVs for your Jeep Gladiator. Better handle these with other brands’ pickup trucks instead for this kind of hauling.

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Types Of ATVs By Engine

One way to differentiate the types of ATVs is through their engine size. The way how their engines are calculated is through the cubic centimeters, or more commonly known as “cc.” 

With that said, here is a list of all the types of ATVs along with their dimensions and sizes based on the engine’s cc.

 Note that some of these are rough approximations as each type within engine size has its own set dimensions. With that said, here are the overall dimensions sizes of each engine ranked ATV:

  • 50cc: 48 X 31.5 inches
  • 70cc: 48 X 35.6 inches
  • 90cc: 57.8 X 34.5 Inches
  • 200cc: 79.9 X 41.5 inches
  • 250cc: 75.4 X 40.9 inches
  • 300cc: 72 X 42 inches
  • 350cc: 76 X 41 inches
  • 400cc: 75.5 X 45.5 inches
  • 450cc: 77 X 44.5 inches
  • 500cc: 80 X 48 inches
  • 650cc: 85 X 48 inches
  • 700cc: 83 X 47.5 Inches
  • 800cc: 83 X 48 inches
  • 1000cc: 84.4 X 47.5 Inches

Again, these numbers are a rough approximation as there are many different types of ATVs that range differently in their dimensions based on how formatting that the manufacturer decided to utilize for their ATV models. Some could have the engine of 450cc, but their sizes again vary from company to company.

Types of ATVs By Category

There are four types of ATVs within each of the brands that manufacture them: utility, sport, rhino, and children. They are usually ranked based on the type of engine they possess, as children type ATVs generally have the lowest engine types, such as 50cc. 

With utility and sport type ATVs, they are in the middle, with sport being a bit higher in engine ranking that utility as it needs the additional horsepower, ranging around 250 to the whopping 750cc. Rhino type, or less commonly known as “side-by-side,” is a bit sturdier than the other three and also ranged in the middle if not a little lower than utility type ATVs, and that is due to how it can carry cargo unlike the rest of the ATVs.

So Can An ATV Fit In A Jeep Gladiator?

The final answer is that it depends fully on the type of ATV you are planning to buy, and seeing the list mentioned above, there isn’t much wiggle room for most of these ATVs. However, that doesn’t mean that the Jeep Gladiator can’t do its job as a pickup truck, but in the case of the ATV fitting, it is minimal.

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