Why Are Roof top Tents So Expensive?

Roof Top Tent on Blue Toyota

You’re driving down the road and you see this SUV with boxy looking thing mounted to the roof. You realize it’s a roof top tent, and you think “I need on of those”. After a …

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How to Secure a Roof Top Tent

Roof top tent with secure lock

Rooftop tents have had a surge in popularity lately, and for good reason. They’re a comfortable, versatile place to stay without needing to worry about finding a campsite. While there are certainly plenty of benefits …

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How To Store A Roof Top Tent When Not In Use

Roof Top Tent Stored On SUV

For all your overland adventures, a rooftop tent is an excellent way to make your sleeping experience more convenient than a traditional tent. Not only are they more comfortable and durable, but they’re also easy …

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The 5 Best Ham Radios For Overlanding

hand holding a portable ham radio

Overlanding can take you to remote places for some extreme activities. When you’re that far away from the world, you need a way to communicate in case you get in trouble. But how are you …

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Camp Stove vs. Wood Fire: The Ultimate Cookoff

woodfire vs camp stove

There’s just something about cooking over an open fire that makes everything taste better, but camp stoves are faster, easier, and require less culinary expertise. When it hits dinner time on the trail, choosing between …

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