What Is Overlanding?

Black Bear Pass - Popular trail for Overlanding

Have you ever felt the overwhelming urge to get in your car and just leave it all behind? Then you’re already familiar with the main gist of overlanding! But what is overlanding exactly? Overlanding is …

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Can 4X4 Trucks Be Lowered?

lowered truck

Trucks are as American as apple pie. Whether you live in the deep south or the northeast, trucks are all over the road. Trucks are popular for hauling and towing, but they’re not always left …

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Do 4×4 Trucks need Snow Chains?

Do 4x4s need snow chains?

Tire chains, also known as snow chains, are used to give your vehicle maximum traction in slippery conditions. They’re especially important if it’s raining, muddy, or snowing outside. Do 4X4 trucks really need snow chains? …

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Is The Cost Of Overlanding Worth It?

is the cost of overlanding worth it

If you’re like me, you probably found out about Overlanding and immediately became fascinated with it. The combination of off-road travel and camping in remote locations really peaked my interest. Like you, I was also …

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Can You Sleep In A Land Cruiser?

landcruiser flatbox ququq edited

How many guests, and how long will you be staying? Checking into a suite at hotel Land Cruiser can be a fun way to car camp for a night. And, if you do it right, …

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Do 4x4s Have CV Joints?

Do 4x4s Have CV joints

Some of the most vital parts of your 4×4’s movement are the CV joints. The CV joints connect the wheels to the power of the motor and make the car move along with the suspension …

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How Much Fuel Does a 4×4 Vehicle Use?

Do 4wd vehicles use more gas

Fuel prices are not getting any cheaper, and weekly gas fill-ups are often a big part of my families monthly budget. Fuel economy is a factor that I always consider when purchasing a new vehicle. …

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Fitting ATVs In A Jeep Gladiator

Jeep Gladiator with an ATV in the bed

When it comes to hauling items, no matter how big or small, nothing works better than your standard pickup trucks. With their massive open-ended trucks, or properly known as beds, they are built to fit …

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Can A 4X4 Go Through A Car Wash?


Most cars never have a single problem going through a car wash. However, car washes are simply built to accommodate the average vehicle on the market at the time the car wash is built. If …

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Why Do 4×4’s Have Drum Brakes?

Why 4x4's still have drum brakes

While people are often told not to try and reinvent the wheel, the same can’t be said for the devices used to stop the wheel: the brakes. While old-fashioned drum brakes have been around, in …

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